Prayer to reconcile with my ex

by Roselyne (Nairobi, Kenya)

Oh My Lord Jesus,

Out of the love you have for us you died on the cross to save our sins. I dated this guy for 7months. I still love him until now, he cheated on me and he is still seeing this girl.

As much as it may sound weird to others I really love him and wish for us to get back together, try and work things out and make our relationship stronger than we were before. Help us forgive each other and become great friends.

I believe he loves me, and I love him too. Dear Lord, please make this happen for there is nothing that you wouldnt do for a sincere heart.

Please Holy Spirit you know what my heart desires please intercede it for me to the Lord our God.

Thank you Jesus, I believe you will do this for me. I love you Jesus with all my heart.

I pray all this believing and trusting in you..Amen