Prayer to Reconcile Two Lost Souls

by Andrew (Cleveland, OH, 44118)

Recently had interaction with a past girlfriend. She came over to visit while she was in town and we had a great time. It had been a long time since her, my dog, and I were all together. I still love her very much and would like a future with her even though she is being blinded by past arguments and mistakes on both our ends.

I have gone to counseling to better myself and have been praying hard for god to show me the correct path for my life as well as hers. She is very confused, back and forth on how she feels about me and/or our relationship. I was hoping for prayer that sometime she can be apart of my life in a positive manner as she is so cold and distant to me yet again. I want to pray that she finds happiness in her life and if it be God’s will that we will once again connect and find love in each other’s hearts.

I really do want her to be delivered from this pain she is feeling from our past mistakes and the break up. I am experiencing alot of pain as well, and have stumbled down some dark paths due to this separation. I have been trying to stay strong and carry on in a life that is righteous.

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