Prayer to reconcile our love

by Dc (Ca)

Dear Almighty Father,

Keep me in his heart while he continues to find himself. I know that we can overcome whatever we need to deal with for as long as we trust one another with our feelings. Please touch his heart and remind him that I would never hurt him or lead him astray but will always love him genuinely, and wholeheartedly because that is the way You have taught me to love.

I have always prayed for his happiness and for us to remain in love but now in our most desperate of moments, please reach out to him so that he may find his happiness and share it with me also. We have not always been the strongest couple but we have always been supportive of each other, please reach out to him and show him my truest support. I rest my love for him in Your hands, and hope that you can lead our paths together very soon.

I will always have faith in him, even if no one else does. Just as you always have faith in us.

Love always,