Prayer to Reconcile Marriage With Husband.

by Sonja (Usa)

Father God, I look to you for restoration and reconciliation of our marriage. Your word states that you hate divorce, it also refers to work toward resolving, storing and reconciling even if separation.

I am asking for resolution between us, bring us peace and reunite what has been broken. Bind all the enemy’s attacks against us and our marriage. Bind Satan’s attacks to my husband’s mind, any mental or emotional adultery, pornography and lust for other women and dating sites.

Guard our minds, thoughts, hearts and emotions from the enemy by binding and placing your hedge of protection around us.

I pray for agreement with others for out marriage to be reconciled, through your hand and will Lord. Cover our marriage by the blood of Your son Jesus. Bless our marriage commitment and send the Holy Spirit to convict my husband heart and mind, rid him of his harden heart that are not from you dear Lord.

I pray for comfort, strength, forgiveness, love, peace, joy. Forgiveness, mercy and grace.

I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

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