Prayer to Reconcile Forgive and Live Abundantly through CHRIST

by Marion H. (Atlanta, GA USA)

All wise and everlastong FATHER. I come to you with a biwed head and broken heart and spirit. Asking for forgiveness of sins and my part in my broken marriage. I’m asling that you have MERCY on Buddy and myself and send your GRACE to reconcile our love for each other.

Forgiving us of our wrong as we forgive each other. As we forget all that’s in the past and leaving those things that caused the hurt and pain of our brokenness in the past. Allowing you to be the head as we follow you in making this marriage a holy union. Being examples for our family as well as others. Living in abundance of CHRIST in every way from this day forward. In JESUS mighty name. Amen. (And it is so.)
Marion H.

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