Prayer to reconcile and reunite with my ex-boyfriend

by Genevieve (Pennsylvania)

God, I first want to thank you for my beautiful life. Thank you for my family and their happiness and their health. Thank you for sending people into my life when I needed them. Thank you for guiding me and being there even though my faith has been shaken. Thank you for bringing me and my boyfriend together. Thank you for opening my heart and helping me to see that everyone around me struggles and is human.

I feel as though my life was at a halt. I failed you. I did something very wrong and I am sorry. I lost all of my friends and my boyfriend. I felt all alone. But I have you and you will always love and believe in me.

Thank you for that and I shall do the same. I was in a dark place, so much so that I wanted to end my world and defy you. Thank you for helping me turn my life around and seeing that I am a person of value and worthy of your love.

Please help me reconcile and reunite with my boyfriend. We’ve been broken up for a month now and I believe and hope that this will only make us stronger as a couple. I love him very much, even though I am hurt by him. I can’t help but feeling he is an important part of my life. I miss him and all of my friends very much. I think that this had changed me. I realized that I wasn’t being a woman of God and for that I lost what I had earned.

I have had many opportunities to do wrong again, but I choose not to. I know that I need a little more time to heal before I reunite, but please, God, I need you. He makes me happy, my friends make me happy. I know you are there for me always and in my heart, but I need people in my life to feel fulfilled. Please help them see that I am only human, that I make mistakes just like them. Help these people feel your love along with mine. Help them see that I am a person of value and so are they.

Help me reconcile and reunite with my loved ones, help me radiate love. I love you and I believe in whatever you have planned for me. Thank you again. I pray that everyone in my life in happy, healthy, and safe.

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