Prayer to Receive Social Security Disability Priveleges

Dear God, please remove any barriers in my case with social security disability. I’ve been fighting this for going on four years now. I use a wheelchair and my body breaks down more each day from this disease. I’ve had no income and it’s going to cause my family to be homeless. We have suffered through so much.

Please give the judge a change of heart this time as we need this to survive. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I worked for as long as I could and paid into this thinking it would protect us if I got worse. It is such a broken system and I’m also praying that it will be reformed soon. I shouldn’t have to be on trial for a disease I never asked for. This is no fair to us or anyone else going through this. Please put your hands on this situation and allow for a favorable decision now.

Also, allow me to be strong and not commit suicide from the physical pain I endure all day. Help scientists find a cure for this, and other incurable diseases. Thank you. In Jesus name, amen.

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