Prayer to Receive Financial help

by Jamie (Ipswich Ma)

dear lord,

I pray for financial help to help us get by this difficult season for me and the most wonderful father of my 2.5 month old as well as for his two boys from a previous relationship whom thier mom is struggling to fight cancer and I pray she pulls through so they can learn more about each other because she has been absent for part of thier lives as well as giving them a beautiful sister We have been on a long difficult rd from being in our own bad previous relationships to trying to start our own business of helping people do things they are not able to do even still we have opened our arms to his nephew and a troubled dog
I am just asking for a little hand of help so we can get by this season
I just want to see my baby’s father live till we are old and not leave us soo soon for he works day in and day out to support us all and I’m afraid of his health failing him. Amen