Prayer to Receive Financial Blessing this Christmas

by Asia (Miami, Fl USA)

Dear God,

My dear father God, hear me and forgive me for all my sins. Free my husband and I from all our financial debts and show us with your blessing that we can care for all our needs and help others in need. Remove us from were we have made mistakes and fallen in the hands of over due and past due bills.

Save our home and bless us with the Christmas house that our son have name the house to bring everyone together. Open the right door for me to have a job in the USA and move my whole family to live a better life.

Help my husband and I to do the right things for other family that you have bless us with. Open the door that we can travel to the USA this month to give our kids a great Christmas and more. I give my heart and soul to you God, today and forever.

Please hear my prays and cries to you for help.

Love your daughter


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