Prayer to Receive Financial Assistance and Remove Debt

by Sanita (Bridgetown)

I run a small family business for which I thank God for daily; for keeping my mother , sister and I together; for keeping the door open, the customers and paying the bills. I also ask Him to bless my customers and to protect us all from the criminal and evil elements within our mist.

The business has help us to complete phase 1 of our home without a loan or mortgage, thank to God for that. We are in need of funds to complete the other phase.

I pray daily and ask God to forgive me my sins for the debt that I am in, and ask Him to show me how to be debt free. I try hard to put aside some money to pay my debts but I have to use it to buy stock. The other problem is that the Government owes me money and all my efforts to recover my money, date have failed.

Please place my prayer in the hands of our Lord so that I can be set free from my debts.


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