Prayer to Rebuke the curses that kept me from working.

by Noelia (New York)

Lord,for as long as I can recall I’ve always stretched a helping hand to those in need I’ve even shared and given freely that which I’ve owned to the church,my family and neighbor and still today I’ve remained your devoted servant by keeping your word alive in my heart and my life,with each day I’m grateful for a new dawn,pray for unity with God,the world and amongst ourselves.

Above all I pray that those who have gone astray return to your flock;So Lord,why is it that each time I seek employment I suffer a crisis? Why do those demonic forces continue to seek my destruction and cause me to fail in my search to prosper through profitable employment?

Lord,guide me and my family so that we can free ourselves from this financial bondage. To all who read this you can help my family rebuke 3 times this curse in God’s name,Amen.!!!!! Thank you and God Bless.