Prayer to quickly sell our current home and to find a different more affordable home

by Angela C. (Jacksonville, Florida)

Dear St Joseph – we have been in our house for almost 3 years with the lot rent going up each year we have now realized that we will continue to struggle financially to pay for the continually rising lot rent and mortgage while never being able to own the land, only the home once it would be paid off in another 14 years.

Based on this in order to get out of this not so good deal we have to let someone else assume our mortgage while we make no money for moving expenses.

So, we pray that we will find a buyer for this home quickly, allow us to be able to come up with enough money to move into a different, decent, more affordable home to allow us extra money each month so that we can pay off our debts, rebuild our credit so that we can obtain the home of our dreams for our family to live in for many years to come.


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