Prayer to Put my Profession into Good Use

by Felicia Victoria Perry (Concord N.C. US)

Dear god my father my savior I m crying out to you for help. I m a certified nursing assistant I love taking care of people I know that it s my talent here on earth but my job I ve been with for six yeats doesn t appreciate all of my hard work. I work so hard I sweat I have no helpvI take care of 12 residents at the nursing home out of the 12 I have seven hoyler lifts residents to get up with the lift machine there is no team work at my job i have the hardest assignment in the building i do complete my job every time thank you god. I ve been trying to get a job at any hospital so I can learn new things but I still jave no luck. I had a job interview last week at a hospital i have been waiting for a call from them. I thought the interview went well but now I m starting to have doubts about getting the job i always wanted please pray for me. It s been a week and two days since my interview. Deep down i know you have something big planned for me. I know I m good at what i do i want to be at a better paying job less stressful and work as a team with good co workers I m tired of struggling in life I m bless for my housr you blesd me with.all i do is take care of bills and not have enough for groceries in my house we are starving i feel lesd of a person I m trying my best to be a providet i m not going anywhere. I did get my high school diploma well i completed the coursei have 17 more payments to go 49 dollar a month after i finishthen i can get my diploma and transcript so that put me on hold for see when things seem likeit s going well it seems like something is blocking my way each time.

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