prayer to purchase a house in a safe neighborhood

by Irene (San Antonio, Texas)

please help me pray for a way to purchase a house in a safe neighborhood with a good school for my son. i have tried to pay all my debts to be able to purchase a house. however money is tight, single paycheck. after my brother and mom passed away all my brothers and sisters went their separate ways.

( i have prayed that we all start getting together for support) not enough money to save please help me move from the neighborhood with my neighbor that abuses my dogs and keeps stealing from the outside of my house. lawn furniture, bike, backetball net chairs etc. im afraid to go to work every day due to i feel it will be anyday that he will break inside the house and steal the little stuff we do have.

please help me and my son for a better house in the northside area. i found one however the owner has not contacted me if she is willing to rent it out or rent to own with little or no down. (living from paycheck to paycheck)