Prayer to Provide and Realize Innate Gifts

by Joanna (NH)

Thank you for all the natural born gifts you have bestowed upon me

and for presenting unexpected opportunities to share them with the world. I feel fortunate to have accomplished so much even in the hardest times, when witnessing both my parents lose their jobs, houses, and means as I make my way in the world.

Even though it has been difficult for all of us, I feel blessed that we have shared more time and compassion, helping our hearts grow in the face of challenges. May we remember this in better times in order to continue to strengthen the spirit and remain humble and true. Through all this searching out there for my place, I am grateful for the solitude you gave me to listen to my inner intentions which have directed me to where I am today.

I greatly appreciate the people who you placed in my path, regardless of the outcome, for I only hope that if they did not help me perhaps I helped them. Beauty is everywhere and it is my goal to bring more appreciation for art and highlight our capacity to achieve remarkable things by realizing our fullest potential.

Now that I am at this door, please guide me through so that I may provide for my family as they provided for me while finally having a chance to start a life that will open up to ever expanding facets of possibility.

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