Prayer to Protect Our Family Especially Our Young Son

Dear Lord,

We have be given yet another mountain to climb this year. I’m asking for Your mercy and understanding as we begin to now battle the school district. It’s been 3 years of battling my family because they were so heartless with my mother who has dementia.

But, now she is safe with me and my wonderful husband has really been of great comfort at a time where he could have left many times over but hung in there, all to help, to do the right thing. Now, we come to you to build a fortress around us because we have a young son who is autistic and needs us. Lord, we ask that you protect us from pure evil that we are encountering within the school district and law enforcement, please lay Your gentle hand down on them to show us your mercy and understanding. You know all.

You know what’s in our hearts and minds, you know how much we cherish our son, you know the truth. We ask that you keep us together at all cost, no matter what. This is all we have. We beg that this situation resolves quickly and protect my young son and elderly mother because they are helpless. We ask this in Your glorious name. Amen.

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