prayer to protect myself and my automechanic shop

by Stephen (Kumasi-Ghana)

please pastor thank you for your prayers for me and i have now set up my own auto mechanic shop, i have MSc in remote sensing and geographical information science in 2008. i search for job and did not get so late last year i bought a small place to start my own auto mechanic shop and it is good for me tthese days people are not coming frequently, i believe in God Almighty so i want you to pray for me and my auto mechanic shop so it continue to grow in Jesus Name and to get more and more customers each day so i can also help others. Please pastor, one important thing i just notice is that, the place i bought the one who used to work there is dead through cursing by someone.

i have no idea it had happened before i got there. so pastor please do pray for me and my auto mechanic shop if someone has curse the place or planted any evil thing at my work place please help me pray to GOD ALMIGHTY to DESTROY,CRASH, BREAK and REMOVE any sort so my work will go on well in JESUS name. i am from Ghana.