Prayer to Protect my mom and justice prevail

I pray that in a justice system where decisions are often based not on the truth but on who can twist the facts the best and keep the truth buried in legal-speak, that the magistrate is filled with compassion and wisdom to seek what is best for my mom.

I pray that the eyes and heart of the Guardian Ad Lietem appointed to advocate for my mom are opened and he can see that his decisions thus far have only served to divide the family further and empower the evil which dwells in my sisters. Heavenly father, protect my mom, comfort her and wrap her in your cloak of salvation.

May her dementia serve to let her forget the evil that has been done to her. May she spend the rest of her days living in peace and happiness surrounded by those that love her, her children and her children’s children. May my sisters stop punishing her by trying to upset her and turn her against those that would give their life to fight for her.

May GOD be victorious in court, may we accept the grace of his decision, and may God have mercy on our souls. Amen

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