Prayer to protect my little family

(Littleton, CO)

May the strength and hope of St. Jude come into my life. Please help me to keep my children safe from their abusive father and help me to be able to financially support us. Please help me see that I am strong enough to fight this fight and resourceful enough to keep us afloat. Please give me strength to face my financial woes and turn my situation around.

Help me to control my anxiety over my mail and bank account as I am finding that I cannot even look to see what is there out of fear. Please support me as I try to maintain custody of my children who need a strong and calm mother most of all. Please show me the way to use my talents and gifts to help others while allowing me financial freedom. I also hope that you can reach out to others in my situation and help lift us all up together so that we can provide a good life for our children. Amen.

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