Prayer to protect my family and to open up my mothers heart in her hardest time. A prayer to protect my relationtionship and for the lord to guide me in the right path as a new believer.

by Sandra (San Bernardino, CA)

Dear Lord,

First I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me and continuing to blessing me. Without you I wouldnt be where Im at today. Second Lord, I would like to say is to protect my family from all harm and evil spirits, please let your angels watch over them.

Protect them with your presence just like you protect me. Lord I beg you to guide my mother in the right path, please open up her heart. I know at the present moment she does not know what she wants in life and I know she is going thru some trials right now but please guide her, protect her to make the right decisions.

You Lord, have seen my suffering and the pain I go thru for what she is doing to our family. Only you god can have the power to change that. Please reunite my family once again. Please bless our household, and our hearts. And as far as my relationship with my significant other Lord, Please help us become one.

Bless him as he is trying to provide for me and his children. Give us the strength to carry on any obstacles and tribulations we face in our everyday lives. Let us communicate well without disrespecting one another and bless us with a little more stability, finances, and health.

Lastly, Lord I would like to say is thank you for being here with me and your angels. Thank you for never leaving my sight even when I thought you werent around.

I feel your presence. I have made a commitment as a new believer to attend Sunday service to praise you Lord, without you Lord I would be nothing. In the name of the holy spirit Jesus Christ- Amen

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