Prayer to Protect my daughter

Please help my baby. Shes seems so confused and hurt. Please keep her safe when she visits her dad on weekends. Shes been coming home hurt. Please be with her when I cannot be. Please put love in her dads heart, help him to realize what hes doing is wrong and to stop. The only way to save my daughter is to ask that you come into her dads heart and save him. He abused me mentally and physically and you saved me, healed me. Im so blessed and grateful. Now dear God my little girl is suffering the same abuse at the hands of the same man. The pain of being helpless to save/protect my baby is a far greater pain. My heart is broken once again. Authorities haven’t helped so I call on a greater power, the greatest of powers to help us. I beg for your mercy. Please God help us.

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  1. Daily spiritual covering

    God be with you and your daughter. You should pray a spiritual covering over you and your daughters life daily. look for Mark Hargrave’s website.

  2. this is justice turned upside down

    I feel your pain, for mine is the same.

    The justice system is to corrupt we cannot wait we must erupt. Our cries are being heard but we must cry harder and louder to break the backs of these satanic prowlers. Satan has entered in but through jesus he is defeated. Arch Angel Metatron is here so have no fear just be ready and willing to put on your battle gear“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”—II Cor. 10:4.

    God says to every Christian, ‘Put on the armor.’ Why an armor? Because you are a soldier. Why armor? Because you are in a battle. A spiritual war is going on, God says. So, “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” we must fast and pray!!! looking forward to hearing praise reports

  3. I feel your same pain

    I have the same situation were my daughter has to spend 2 whole agonizing months with her Dad and new wife who is not a good person either. She hates to go there but if she does not go I can be in contempt. I feel helpless and stressed and like you I ask God to be there and intervine since I can’t, and only believe and hope that the almighty will do what I can’t. It is a shame how the justice sistem can be so blind and instead of watching for children’s welfare, look for the other part rights without attacking the root of the problem. What a sistem? in times like this only God can help us and come to the rescue, I ask him daily when she is there to be my daughter’s protector.

  4. Help us as well

    My daughter needs the same prayer right now. Please pray for her. I am at my lowest since I feel I can’t help her myself.

  5. May the keys work for you

    Jesus, You gave us the keys of Heaven and now may the Keys of Safety, Healing and Salvation unlock Your store and enter your family and the father so that your daughter is safe always, in the name of Jesus, amen.

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