Prayer to protect me from falling pregnant

by Letter For Jesus (In The Palm Of Jesus Hand)

Dear lord,

Please forgive me from hving unprotected sex while I’m not married. Please forgive me from seducing another gals boyfriend. I’m broken Lord.

You alone know what I’m cuming threw, having 3 abortions alredi, Lord not agen please. I beg for Your mercy upon my life and to protect mr from falling pregnant and any diseases once more in my life, I promise to be strong to not do it agen like I did for the past 8 years. Keep me safe from satan, as he know I’m lonely so he keep sending this guy to come and use me while I’m weak Lord. Please help me this one lAst chance and help me to focus on Your love for me, I’m sorry Jesus, I keep on making the same mistakes over and over agen. I keep hurting You so much, making empty promises towards You.

Why Lord? Why do I keep failing You? I’m sorry for just hurting You all my life, I feel so dirty, unloved, empty and so lonely. I wanna live for You, help me please, please help me, help me Jesus to become faith full to You.

Keep this guy away from me please Lord, keep him away from me and save my soul, wash me in Your blood, I feel like an prostitute, I have no pride, no dignity, I told him no Lord but the devil knows that I’m weak and that I’m longing for a soul mate, my heart is broken Lord, please help me, help me in Jesus Name.

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat or aught, I can’t pray Jesus, I’m so so broken, help me please, give me one last chance and touch me deeper than ever before. Help me to live my life for You and to worship You all my life, I love You cause You the only one who love me, I have only You, change my life and circumstances Lord, give me a job tomorrow, new self esteem, pride, trust and a soul mate that will love me to death, but above all lord give me You, give me good fiends Lord in Your Name I pray tonight.

I’m only me seeking for my Master Jesus, seeking for true joy in You, I don’t know love lord, as its taken from me, but You are love, therefore I pray for You to becum my everything. Reunite me with You , restore my broken life, heal my heart, take away the pain in my life, take away the hard times, struggles please Lord Jesus, I’m thirsty and hungry for Your touch.

End my pain and give me You , help me tonight. Give me a good and better life from now on Lord, forgive all my past mistakes till now, remove all the evil from my life, the jealousy, all the pain and heartache, my sorrows, and give me a brand new life now, give me a job to take care of my mom and sister, we struggle so much, we keep begging around, help us sweet saviour in Your name, I pray. Open for us a heavenly door please God.

I will no longer sleep wif that guy, but I will wait for marriade, forgive me, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I will stay away from him. Tell D that I love and miss him, please ask marcell to call me for the job please Jesus, and please help us as family to become holy in Your presence, lift us higher as we gonna lift You higher and higher, we realy do need a miracle Lord.

We need a God given mracle by tommorrow, we need a shaking from God, we need a positive Word, we need Jesus, the Mighty King, we need power, we need angels from God to move on this earht tonight to open doors for us but above all Lord we need Your love in our lifes, we need it now more than ever.

Protect us from harm, negative things and sins, protect us from evil and protect us from further poorness Lord, draw us near to You lord, I love You so much

Please forgive me my sins
In Jesus Name

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  1. pray to Saint Mary Magdalene

    Please pray to Saint Mary Magdalene-she will help you. Look at what God has done for her?

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