Prayer to Protect and Save my marriage

by Diane (Philippines)

Father, here I am again, asking You for assistance. Please protect my marriage from all works of evil, from temptation, from the snare of the serpent. Please renew my husband’s heart so that the value of our marriage may be exposed to him. Please silence the work of the people around him who has obviously not helped for our marriage. Please take that woman away from his life, give this woman a chance to not sin against you. Please take Marj away from the delusion of having a good relationship with my husband. Please renew my husband Al’s heart, so he can change his ways, call him unto your embrace.

Lord, you have promised to take care of my marriage. I shall do my best to keep quiet and let You work into our lives and into our marriage. Please grant me relief from stress and pain and hurts.

Lord, I need You in my life, I need You to help me and my marriage. Papa God, please save me and save this marriage. In Jesus’ name and Mama Mary’s love, i claim that God will help my marriage. Papa God, please do not ever let me leave Your loving presence.