Prayer to Protect all children emotionally, physically and mentally abused by cruel care takers and parents.

by Remia Marzan (Makati City Philippines)

Dear God,

Heavenly father, I humbly asking your favor to please protect and save all the babies from the abusive and cruel people. let them be protected all throughout.Keep them away from being hurt and abuse.Let them feel happiness and comfort.

Please keep them healthy and convenient, especially those children of beggars, who do not have house to dwell, no food to eat, no water to drink and no medicine to take.Keep all the fetus from being harmful mother, let their mothers love them and excited for them, and eliminate abortion activities in this world.

I humble myself before you oh God, I am begging for this God please dear God heavenly father,heal the sick, comfort people who have anxieties, protect and bless the babies from the nurseries, and centers where children were left by their real mothers, give them caring. loving and God fearing care takers.

Give them caring and kind loving doctors and nurses, who are very considerate to their needs.Heal them who are sick and needs of medical attention.Please God , the FATHER, Hear our prayers, with the favor of your only begotten son. Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior whom you especially sent to use to save us, Amen!!

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