Prayer to please soften her heart

by Maxine (Loganville GA)


I’m empty and fighting with myself. I’ve made so many mistakes and told so many lies. I thought I knew what I was doing but I didn’t. My heart has always been for her and I’ve never strayed from that but she has abandoned us, she has walked away and I’m missing her so much. Please God heal both our hearts so we can be together as one. Heal us from the past, heal us from our mistakes. Soften her heart please God, please please soften her heart. Let her feel my love and sincerity, let her seen that my words are true. Open up her heart so she is willing to forgive and repair my heart from wounds that were made. Heal us Father for we need it. I need Your help and Your guidance. Forgive me Lord and bring her back to me. Thank you God in advance for granting my prayer. I love you Lord.


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