Prayer to please make him stop the divorce and return home

by Anonymous (Florida)

God I am so grateful that I can come to you in good times and in difficult times. Lord, as you know this is a difficult time. My husband left me and filed for divorce because he is in love with another much younger woman.The divorce is bitter as we fight each other to keep our money. He drained our account on the other woman and wants my money. He has done so much wrong God but you showed me my faults and I want a second chance.

Please make him stop the divorce and return home. Please rekindle the love, honesty, and respect we once had for each other. God give us a second chance to make it right. We can do it because of you. Lord, we have been distant for over five years so it will take a miracle that only You can provide to get us back together permanently. I trust You God; I believe You and I believe in You. Lord, stop the divorce and restore the marriage. Do not allow satan to win anymore battles against this marriage. This I pray in Your One and Only Son’s Name and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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