Prayer to please help restore me and my life

by Need Help Quickly (Dallas)

Dear St. Jude,

I despartely need your help. I lost my job in 2011. My supervisor iied on me and I have no idea why, but I was doing well and I want my job back and my name cleared. I have been married for 37 years to a bully who is disrespectful, mean, irresponsible and immature.

To the public, I smile and pretend that all is well, but I hate to come home and become very disappointed when I see his car. He hates my mom who is over 90 years old and lives with us. He goes out of town a lot and never bothers to tell me until he’s walking out the door. He doesn’t pay any bills or buy things for the house and I have to use my moms little income just to get by.

I know that God could not have meant for me to suffer this many years so I am asking for your help in getting him to leave. I don’t want a divorce, but I don’t want to be married to him. He has a lot of gay friends and sometimes I wonder if he’s gay too. They have a lot of influence over him, but he also used to cheat with women and had millions of porn magazines and was arrested for soliciting prostitution that I saw in a dream, woke up and knew the number of the jail by hard, dialed it and asked if he was there and he was.

His mom got him out of jail and he went to work as if he had done nothing wrong. That was many years ago, but he has continued to disrespect me and get deeper and deeper in debt, then blames everything that he does bad on me and say that I don’t support him. Well, I can’t take it anymore and I desperately need help. Since I’ve been taking care of my mom my skills are old and need updating and I’m afraid of the cut-throat practices that go on.

My mom is up all night and all day using the restroom because she has chf and stage 4 kidney disease as well as dementia and I am worn out. She needs 24 hour care, but would not survive in a nursing facility. If we didn’t have her income, we would not be able to have lights, food or water since I used all of my savings since I lost my job.

I know I’m asking a lot, but I know nothing is too hard for God, if he would only hear me so I am begging you, St Jude to give ear to my plea and help me in my desperation.

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