Prayer to please forgive me of all my sins,

by Wade (PCB,FL 32413)

Dear Almighty God I asked you forgive me of all of my sins. I have mocked you, I am a thief, I am a liar, and I even sacrificed a living dog in a ritual when I was 16 asking Satan to come into me. I made a deal with the devil and thinking it was only fun and games.

This I most ashamed of and worry that is something you cannot forgive me out. I believe a demon lives in me and I want him cast out. I want nothing to do with the devil or his demons. I confess my sins of being a homosexual which I have not actually participated in in many years but have been addicted to the pornography multiple times a day.

I pray with all of my heart you hear my prayer and that the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse these sins.

Before I know it to be an abomination before you this combined with my other sins now haunt me and I need to be forgiven. When I sold my soul to the devil I no longer had a conscience and I saw nothing wrong with what I have been doing. But now that my eyes are clear and I can see the error of my ways I plead for forgiveness.

I realize now as I look around the world that the devil and his demons are everywhere and I am deeply afraid of what I have done. I was deceived but it was something that I asked for and now I want my soul back. I pray to you now that you rebuke Satan and his demon that resides in me and the demons that surround me. In the name of the king Lord Jesus Christ I pray this prayer with all my heart and soul. I Love You Jesus I Ilove you God.Thank You for sending your son.
Jesus thank you for taking me sin away.
Alleluia to the great I am!!