Prayer to Please Fight for Me/Please Save My Marriage

by Denise (Florida)

Dear God,

Please fight for me. I never learned how to fight and therefore allowed Satan to run over my marriage. My husband of 40 years left me for a much younger woman. They have been in an adulterous relationship for 5 years. Break the yoke and send Satan reeling and send her back to her house to find the one you chose for her. Please remind my husband of the love we once shared and return him to our marital home. Put a hedge of protection around us so that he never leaves us again and that he remains faithful to You. I love you Lord and I need You. I believe in You and I believe You. I know you believe in marriage.

Please fight the battle for me as I do not fight against flesh but against the principalities and only You can win that battle. Do not allow satans weapon to prosper against me and my marriage. I pray this through my Savior and Your One and Inly Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen.

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