Prayer to please bring us back together


Dear Lord, I pray that you will bring my husband Scott and I back into each others arms. Please send the Holy Spirit to guide us. We have been separated for some time but I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me. We were faithful in our marriage but hurt each other in other ways. Lord, please bring us back together so we may be stronger than ever. We made our vows in the church and I don’t want to break that promise.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning CT
    My prayers are with you and your husband
    This morning
    Please go to church each Sunday
    I know you may not be up to it
    But please go Jesus needs you
    Pray that your husband will also go to church
    Each Sunday maybe send him a letter
    That you are going to church each Sunday
    And welcome him to join you do not push
    Or critize no strings just attend church
    Miracles happen

  2. praying

    I ask you to restore this marriage replace the harden heats to allow forgiveness and love as one to flow with in this marriage once again.
    I ask this in Name of Jesus Christ

  3. Lord answer our prayers

    Lord almighty nothing is impossible to you as we read in the gospels. Please Lord Jesus Christ bring CT and Scott back together in the marriage where you were present as a party in the vow they made. We know that Satan hates all happy marriages and will do everything to destroy the marriages of all happily married couples. Please Lord defeat Satans evil purposes. You are a God that answers the prayers of the believing. Please answer this prayer.

  4. Similar situation

    I pray for your marriage CT. I’m going through the same pain as my husband does not want to reconcile and continues to remind me of that everyday. I am trying not to give up on our marriage and keep on praying. It still hurts but God is still my love. Let’s continue to seek His mercy on us.

  5. Prayer for CT and Scott

    I pray for you and your husband. Don’t lose Faith. All will work in your favor. You have many prayer warriors on your side. Heavenly father, bring peace to this marriage restore this union. In your name I pray.

  6. Prayer for CT and Scott


    Please bring them back together.
    You know that they love and need each other.
    They deserve your miracles.

  7. My Scott has left too

    I pray for your marriage with all my heart, I am praying God gives you strength to continue with faith as you wait patiently for answer. I too am praying for a Scott that God touch his heart and help him accept Christ so we can rejoin on a spiritual level and spend our days here on earth together and then in heaven. Prayer is a healing for the soul better than medicine.

    Love in Christ,
    North Carolina

  8. Faith

    I know how u feel. I am in a similar position never thought
    I would be do miserable without my husband.
    I feel like I am having a nervous breakdown. I
    Can’t sleep. I am beyond exhausted. I pray to
    St Rita at bedtime and in the morning. So far
    Nothing has happened. People tell me if it’s meant
    To be it will be but I am getting discouraged.
    I will pray for u and I ask you to please pray for me
    Friends I have who are very religious say they can
    Only ask God to give me strength not ask Him to
    Make my husband feel again.
    Thank you

  9. bring my husband back

    Hi I am kavita,I am into another religion.I am in alot of trouble First time I am praying Jesus please save my marriage. He is planning to do another marriage. I lost all my hopes but I love him alot. I cant even imagine my life without him.
    Please Jesus come and save my marriage and bring back my husband with a lot of love and trust on me.
    He is not allow me to stay with him.his is not interested to talk yo m right now. I dnt have a chance to convey anything.

    I Jesus heartfully I am be leaving you,you only save my married life

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