Prayer to please bring my boyfriend back to me

by Lauren (New York, New York)

Dear Lord,

The pain I feel is so deep. You see my aching heart. I’ve had no peace that this relationship should be ended for good. He broke up with me because I acted immature, paranoid, distrustful, and unhappy. He saw my unhappiness and that’s what turned him away.

Help him to know that it’s my own insecurities that caused me to act that way. Help him to see that the truth is…he makes me happier than anyone or anything in this world. Soften his heart toward me. Hit him with the truth of my love for him. And deepen the love that he has for me. Turn his heart toward me.

Fully shroud his heart with knowing that there is no other girl than me for him. Send him back to me, Lord. I know where I’ve messed up. Help him to see all that I’ve stood by him through. Help him to see that I just needed him to stand by me through this season. Help him to know what it means to fight…to stay committed through thick and thin. Lord, 100%.

Make him come running back to me…knowing that he just can’t lose me to another man. Show him our purpose as a couple. Show him that the purpose you have for him is incomplete without me. Send him back to me, Lord.