Prayer to pay off all the bills we owe

by Charleatha (Richmond Va)

I pray that Me and my husband can pay off all the bills we owe out.I also pray that my marriage will be blessed and happy. I want to trust God more and have real faith not just said i have faith. I want to be a blessing to others.

I want to be Just like Jesus. I want my husband to Trust God and get closer to him and my family. I want to be debt free. I want to love like Jesus love.I am so tried working so hard. pay check to pay check. Thank you and God Bless.

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  1. Prayer for my mothers boyfriend

    Prayer for that mother to stay alive and strong and see a success of her children growing and becoming more and more independent and able to take care of her oneday.

    So lord please help her in jesus name amen.

  2. Praying for those struggling with money

    Lord Jesus many of us are having a hard time making it financially because ongoing struggle,Some of us are giving into your kingdom but no signs of harvest yet. The thief is still robbing your people.But your word says you come to give life and that more ability. But the accusers keep finding ways to accuse your people. Lord Jesus wisdom is our defense and so is money. We do not love money. But it is a need to pay back the lenders we owe. We are tired of being under the oppression of bills. I pray for all those on this prayer page. That it will be a year of jubilee for you people.I pray your ministering angels will talk and guide your people to the path of righteousness. Rebuke depression and sorrow from your people. Put joy and hope in their heart by the Holy Spirit. I pray that you will release a cloud and flood of divine favor on all the needs of your people concerning their bills. You want this burden remove and the yoke shatter. I pray Good Shepherd that you will hear this prayer .That your blood will be a refuge against the stronghold of destruction of poverty.I pray that you grace and mercy will be what you see despite the choices we made. Lord you are true to your character. Let your spirit dwell amongst your people.In Jesus Name.Amen

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