Prayer to Pay for My Student Loan

Dear St.Jude, please pray that I can be shown a way to pay off my large student loan. Because of some life circumstances and some bad decisions I made, my student loan is in default and it can’t be brought out of default again.

My wages are being garnished, but the amount being taken out isn’t even enough to cover the interest payment, and I can’t afford to pay more. The loan continues to grow even as I’m paying on it. I am ashamed of my bad past decision making, and am afraid that I will never be able to pay this debt, and that I’ll have my wages garnished until I’m old.

I’m scared that my boyfriend will not want to marry me if he knows I have such a terrible debt. I know I deserve no one’s sympathy, but I know that our Lord is mighty and forgiving of sins and bad decisions. St. Jude, please pray that I can be shown a way to make this debt right and to be free of it once and for all.

I submit my prayer humbly before you and before our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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