Prayer to Pay for Debt and Get Out of Financial Crisis

by Imee (Davao City, Philippines)

Dear Lord,

Please help me in my financial crisis. Huge debts are piling up and in as much as I want to pay my creditors one by one, I cannot. I am torn between paying and providing for my family’s basic needs. I am single, and took over the role as the family’s breadwinner.

Yes I complain most of the time because I feel heavily burdened. I know it’s not right to complain and question You why all of these unfortunate events happened. I realized I have to stay humble and should possess the right attitude in waiting. Please help me stay grounded. Please help me to trust in You.

Lord, grant me financial breakthrough. I pray and claim payments to all the people I owed money from. From the smallest to the biggest amount. Touch their hearts dear Lord not get mad at me or not to curse me.

Lord, I pray for financial blessing so that I may also be a channel of blessing to those who need help for I know how it feels to have nothing.

This I pray in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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