Prayer to pass this semester at UCF

Dear Lord,

I know people at the moment need you more than me but please let me pas my ENC final paper. I worked hard on it, I could’ve worked harder.. But if I don’t pass it I’m kicked out of UCF and I don’t know where else to go or how to tell my parents.

Lord I rarely ask for much, I’m glad enough you’ve given me a loving significant other and now I beg of you to let me pass with at least a 4.0 this Fall semester. Please Lord.. I’m sorry for when I sin by thinking and doing harsh actions.. I’m sorry for when I’m mean, please help me change that. I love you Lord, you’ve always been there for me through my youth group, mass and my daily life. All I ask is to please help me pass my enc class and stay at UCF. Please and thankyou.. Amen. <3

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