Prayer to pass the exams and to ask for blessings to be valedictorian

by Jeyah (On Earh)

Dearest St. Jude, I give thanks to you for all the blessings and requests that you have given and granted to me. However I would like to ask one more favor. St. Jude, please help me and guide me during the exams.

Please help me pass the very stressful period with flying colors. Help me remember all the things that we have studied about and grant me the wish of wanting to pull up my grades for this term. Our exams counts as a large percentage of my grade which can easily impact the result of my final overall grade as well as my chances of being gold or being valedictorian.

St. Jude please help me achieve my goal of being valedictorian once more as i have studied really hard and i have also put in a great amount of effort in the projects and tests that i do in school. Being valedictorian have always been my dream and this year i would like to achieve that dream once more.

People have told me that i may not be gold again and i myself is doubting my own chances regarding the result of the other students’ grades compared to mine. St. Jude please help me be valedictorian again as i seem so hopeless.

I really do want this badly as i believe that it can help me have a better future when i reach to university or even high school. St. Jude please help me.

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