Prayer to Pass the Board Exam


in the name most almighty the father Yahweh and the son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. Amen

GOD of all ages. you are the God who created the heaven and the earth, indeed you fully created visible and non-visible.

you are the GOD who give the life, blessings, love, mercy and luck. through you my GOD we live with full of grace and prayer with your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit.

GOD without you i can’t exist here in this cosmos, perhaps you give a tons of beautiful blessings and perpetual love to me. oh holy almighty father i begging you, please give my favor to pass the LET license examination for teacher this coming September 27, 2015.

GOD you know who am i as a person, all my purpose and target in my life you shall read even i am not already exist and now my knowledge, wisdom, values and skills is enough to fight the LET without your guidance and well of your holiness.

GOD please, shower your mercy and guidance with full of wisdom to teach me on September 27, 2015.

indeed, you are my weapon, my mind my wisdom, my knowledge. my coach and my GOD. i don’t have any doubt due to you are in my side, beyond my side, on my side, above my side, above my side because you are really my GOD.

oh alleluia my GOD. you are the GOD of Israel and the whole world.
remember me GOD, remember your slowest follower. remember me GOD a poor person is always praying to you day and night.

GOD makes the license examination for teacher or LET pass a precious Gift with me on November 4 2015.

GOD i hope you grant this humble public prayer through your son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit. Amen