Prayer to pass my road test

by Danica ()

Lord, please help me pass my behind-the-wheel test. I desperately need to obtain my drivers license in order to get to work especially I work graveyard from now. I just dont want to bother my dad anymore to take me to work and pick me up afterwards. I dont want to be a burden to him and thinks if I walk he wouldn’t have any peace of mind so he had to take me instead. My struggle is that bus dont have route to my workplace from home, its a 15 minute walk with no street light and dangerous especially at night time. School starts in 3 weeks and I will be working and studying at the same time. It will be an ease for me to drive myself to both of my priorities. I took my road test last July and I failed. I know I cant blame the examiner because it was actually my fault. I messed up a lot of points. On the day of my test I was exhausted and didn’t get any sleep because I had to finish up my essays assignment from school. I was nervous, starving and all things that shouldn’t happen on that day happened. After I failed my test once, I lost motivation. All I could think of was Im going to fail again and my thoughts are so negative. Every time I practice parallel parking and backing in the corner my mind just blocks out. I just cant concentrate. O Lord God Almighty, please open up my mind and help me focus. And also enlighten whoever my examiner will be to be calm and fair. Lord please help me take away the feelings of being discourage and negative thoughts. All I could ask is a second chance. I cant fail for the second time. I wont be able to afford it anymore and I would not have time to retake it because of work and school. Lord, I offer you my sincere prayer. Amen.

PLEASE HELP ME PRAY FOR MY ROAD TEST THIS COMING 4th of SEPTEMBER. I will truly appreciate it. Thank you very much! God Bless! -Danica

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