Prayer to Pass my exam

by Monica (New York)

Hello, and God bless,

I ask that whoever is reading this do me a favor and keep me in your prayers! I am desperately in need of a blessing from our lord and savior! I have just taken a recent exam that I am not feeling very confident about! I prayed and prayed and studied my hardest! I have taken this exam and failed before. This is my last time to take this exam as my future depends on it.

Lord i come to you humbly in the name of your son jesus! I pray you hear my prayer and bless me lord.for it is imperative that I pass this exam to secure a better future for myself and family! I know all things are possible through you when we believe and are strong in our faith.

I believe you have the power lord and you grant miracles and blessings daily!. I Know Lord i am nothing without you and could never pass this exam without you by my side! I ask you to forgive me for my mistakes. In jesus name Amen!