Prayer to pass in my exam.

by Shirley (Mangalore, Karnataka, India)

Dear Lord,

I have always been a failure throughout my life, be it on the personal, professional or educational front. But this time I really want to pass in my exam because it means life and death to me. If I pass my exam this time then my life will come on track for the first time in my life.

I will be able to continue my further studies and also get married to my beloved next December. I will also get a suitable designation in my work place where I am presently working and get a salary hike too. But if I fail in my exam then I might lose my job and also I won’t be able to show my face to anybody.

Dear Lord, my results are already out on the net a few days back and as expected, I have flunked in my exams again. I did not have the courage to share this news with my family, friends and colleagues yet. But you know dear Lord that I had worked hard for this exam.

I pray to you dear Lord that please shower your blessings on me and please grant me another nine marks extra which is required for me to pass in my exam. This really means a lot to me. If I fail this exam I will never be able to hold my head high. My dignity are in your hands dear Lord. Please save me from this embarrassment, dear Lord.

I know my results are out on the net and it says that I have failed again but still I have the hope that some miracle will happen and that you will surely glorify me with your blessings O Lord and grant me just nine extra marks so that I may pass my exam. Please help me O Lord. I really need your blessings.

O Jesus, grant me what I ask for through the intercession of Mother Mary, your mother and thy heavenly father if it be your will. I also ask this favour from you through the intercession of Saint Antony and Saint Faustina that my prayer be granted.