Prayer to overcome debt

by BALU (Puttaparthy)

Please pray for me so that God can get me out of debt. I can not imagine overcoming debts without the help of God. I am overloaded with debts anf feel unable to pay them even if I am trying to reduce them. My life is full of stress. Pray for me for a miracle today. I believe.

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  1. Money to start a salon school

    Oh Lord i need money for my kids fees and money to start a salon school…if this school goes well i will be able to pay all my debts,i so pray for your mercy mi God

  2. Prayer to overcome lack of savings, debt, barrenness, generational spell, poverty, drinking and adultery

    God has always been merciful to me I must confess. Every year he surprise me with course of celebration. I have never spent a year without increase ever since my birth.

    But, Somtimes I incure that eat deep to my wallet. No savings, I take alcohol and humanize.

    I want God to take all these away from me and bless me. I want him to forgive me and bless me with Godly children.

    Promotion, business for my wife, long life and my job security.

    God should send help to me and amend my financial wallet from leakages
    Thank you

  3. Overcoming debt

    Dear Lord I need you to overcome the debt that I have incurred in my life,I need your help Lord to pay off that debt in order to feed my family, clothe my family and give them a decent life and by paying off my debt we will be able to help those worse off than us in whatever way we can to make someone’s life more bearable.I ask you Lord Jesus to break this financial doom over our lives. Amen.

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