Prayer to overcome Addiction.

by Ben (Lousiana)

I’m asking that you please pray for me I have an addiction to internet porn. And I absolutely hate it to the max. I do not want to live this secret sinful life any longer.

I’m asking that the Lord will remove the desire for porn from me and that spirit of addiction would no longer reside in my presence and that it would not be allowed to come back no matter what I wan’t to be completely blocked from my life and that spirit of immorality would be chained to the pits of hell. for all eternity . Also I would like to ask the Lord for courage to do His will that He has planned for my life.

I have a calling in my life to preach and teach the word but satan has held me back with fear of what others may think of me and also rebellion against the Lord Jesus. Also please pray for me Grand ma she is sick I would like to request a healing in her life. I know nothing is impossible with God.