Prayer to open my husband’s eyes to know the truth and heal the marriage

by BA (UG)

Dear Heavenly Father I pray now in Jesus name that you would place an insurmountable war between my estranged husband of 21 years and the woman he got and now they have two children plus his mother who are combining to fight me Lord, it is you who said that “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate. who are these to separate us? You also promised that you move mountains and they do not know, move this wife who is a mountain in my marriage so that this husband never sees her again. May this man’s eyes, mind and brain be opened up to see you, fear you and come back to his senses. I am troubled I have a heavy heart for the time, efforts and money I put into this marriage and this man in particular for all that time. He then pays me bitterly. God I pray that you come in and intervene. As far as I know although I am also not perfect but I did my job as a responsible wife. I believe that my prayers will be answered.

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