Prayer to Open his eyes and heart, and let us meet in coming days

by Mtl Anonymous (Quebec, Canada)

God I ask you to help bring Blane to me this wknd. Guide his heart and mind so that he may realize our love is true and ever lasting. I need to see and touch him, show him my love. It has been almost 6mths I have not seen him and 1 yr since he took on an extremely difficult task, but now it is time to come home to me.

My nights and days are empty without him, for he is my soulmate. Please answer my prayer and let me see and be with him. Shine a light for him so he may see you and find his way back. I love him so much it hurts to be away from him.

Thank you Jesus for watching over me and answering my prayers as you always have. My devotation to you in everlasting. For those who pray for me, thank you and God bless. May I be in blane’s arms in coming days.