Prayer To Obtain a Job

by Gayle (Opelousas LA)

Dear Lord,

This is a special prayer for a desperate plea for a job. Dear Lord I have been unofficially out of work for more than 4 years. I have done everthing from prayers, to going back to school, to doing anything that I can to improve myself so I can rejoin the workforce with a job that I enjoy and is financially fulfilling.

By unofficially I mean that I have been employed by taking jobs that did not offer any fulfillment, with low pay and long unproductive hours. I desperately need this to change. First, please help me find a job as soon as possible. Lord every time I pray deeply for a job the same opportunities come my way.

Insurance. The problem is that I have not been financially successful in selling insurance. Once again I have prayed deeply and once again an insurance opportunity has come my way twice. The difference is both positions offer a salary. Lord I prayed deeply for the first job which I prefer which is BMI and a Benefits Consultant but I did not get that job.

God through you all things are possible and in my heart I don’t feel that door is closed yet because I keep seeing the job advertised. Please through your incredible power send the blessing of that job my way. I know you know all things and if that door is really closed please let me get the Benefits Consultant job will Wellcare. God I want to be in a position to help people.

I also need to be able to go to work daily with a sense of fulfillment. Dear Lord, I know you know what is best for me. I am only asking you to open door for me. Please help me find a job soon.