Prayer To not get academic probation nor suspended for a college semester

by Scott (NC)

I have had a problem earlier this year at my local community college in NC with an instructor. I asked the instructor to remove a post because it’s reply was offensive to me and could be considered defamation of character and that I would take legal action if I had too.

She got intimidated and reported me to Angela leak the interim Disciplinary chief who gave me a warning and told me next time could be academic probation, up to suspension for a semester which means I would not graduate in the spring. I also would lose Pell grant more than likely and is only way I can afford to go to school as cannot do a loan nor will I as interest rates are too high, not going into debt for a degree.

I just received and email from Angela leak today and I am concerned that one instructor may have said something about me to her, but I have had issues for weeks with him and nothing ever heard from Angela leak, so I am praying this is just to touch base to see how I am doing as it states recent communication with instructors and only had issue with one and never emailed as not t leave proof of anything said to that one professor so can only be hearsay as no security cameras in the rooms.

Please pray that this meeting is to touch base and see how I am doing as it didn’t say see her asap as it did when she had a complaint against me. Someone may have been made that I went to their boss when not getting the help I needed and that is the policy if the first contact doesn’t get it resolved.

Again pray that Jesus lays it on her heart to not put me on any academic probation nor suspension for rest of semester. I would like it laid on her heart to just be a meeting just to talk and see how I am doing communicating with instructors via email. Also that Jesus will give me peace and to handle the meeting and results of meeting with a calm and peaceful attitude.

I also would like to have my attitude changed where I get upset with instructors and do not talk face to face with them, but is hard to do when they do not reply to all emails..

I pray and ask this in Jesus precious name.

Scott Brown