Prayer to not drink alcohol

by Don (New Hamsphire)

I am an alcoholic in recovery and have been both in AA and a born again Christian for 6+ years, I cant put more than a few months of sobriety together. I ask for the obsesion to be lifted from me so I can continue on the path that God has laid before me.

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  1. needing help

    Please pray with me that my husband can continue to fight the erg not to go back to his life of drinking . Please pray with me for he has told me he is still fighting the temptation to not take another drink of beer . He needs prayers . His name is chester please pray with me for my husband .

  2. You will win

    I pray, Lord, that you give Don the will and the strength to conquer the spirit of alcohol. He desires to be strong, he desires to quash the urges, and I believe you will help him fight and win, Lord.


  3. we can do this together with the lord

    i know how u feel i do so good and then my coping skills get confused an i turn to the thing that has always made things worse but i dont give up i know if we practice what they preach we can have that life just got to do it daily and not forget is the key…we can not drink at all and im glad to see that an have accetence with that today. pray everytime u feel the need call someone good luck in ur quest may we both find our path of not drinking.

  4. Remain Steadfast

    Keep your faith Don. Attend your meetings and pray often for strength and serenity. God Bless.

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