Prayer to Not allow material things come between us

by Chris (Texas)

Dear Lord,

Don’t not allow material things to come between us, there is so much evil today that we do not see it. Some people think texting friends or chatting online is more important then spending quality time together through you my LORD Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and shed his blood for us, the Blood of Christ is very powerful and fulfilling when used in our life today.

We allow material things to come between us and that is not fair to you my Lord or our relationship with one another, I ask you my Lord please allow us to see this and stop this, Be our material thing my Lord Jesus and allow us to come to you even more now that SATAN and all his demons are taking over this world with material things, which we can not take into heaven.

This will be done through the blood of our savior Jesus Christ our Lord and God our Father, AMEN