Prayer to my lord to keep my friendship strong with my my best friends

by Kristian (PA)

Dear My Heavenly Father

I just want to thank you for giving me the best of friends in my life and these past few months our friendship as grown and like to have fun and go out and do things together such as girls, going places, traveling, just enjoying each others company.

I do ask for your help with one thing and that is not have my friends be angry at me for texting them a lot and wanting to hangout all the time as I am very stressed living in my household with family issues. Please give me strength, peace of mind and faith not to get stressed out and think my friends are ignoring me when they don’t text back or irritated and so I do not worry so much about it.

Please keep my friendships strong with all my friends and bless and watch over them especially my best friend. Thank you for listening to me with my concerns about worry and my wishes to keep my friendships going.

Thank you dear lord