Prayer to my future

by Janu Alex (Malaysia)

Dear lord !!

Peace of Earth, Love Of Human, Child of the god’ Thank you for answering all my prayers and blessing all my beloved ones, I dint want to separate from you, no matter how great the material desire may be I want to be with you. Father Almighty please stay in my heart forever, and guide every single step of mine, I trust’ we together can face all the problem. Father every morning went I arise up’ please touch my forehead and bless me with all my prayers’ will be done in your plan, Please stay with all your child in this world’ make them to feel your love ‘ that like i feeling by now. Bless my relationship be stronger within both of us, Please touch of my beloved Alex santhana heart ‘ to stay together’ What ever happen dun let us to be separated, I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow both us to spend the rest of our life with together as a husband and wife. I pray in Jesus holy name !! Amen

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